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    Referral Programme.

    Spread the word.
    Share the rewards.

    Introduce a friend to Dunsborough Lakes
    & receive a $500 Gift card

    Encourage someone you know to purchase land at Dunsborough Lakes and you and your friend will each receive a $500 Mastercard gift card* to spend on whatever you like.

    Being friends (and neighbours) has never been more rewarding!

    Fill in the form on this page with you and your friend’s details (ask their permission first!), send it to us and if your friend becomes a land owner at Dunsborough Lakes we’ll reward you both with a $500 Mastercard gift card to spend how you like – new shoes, toys for the kids or food and drinks for a memorable moving-in party!






      “Referrer” – the person who provides their friend’s contact details to Urban Quarter.
      “Referred Friend” – the person referred to Urban Quarter by the Referrer.

      If the Referred Friend enters into a Contract for Sale to purchase a property, then the Referrer and the Referred Friend each receive a Mastercard gift card with a value of $500 on settlement of the lot. For the Referrer and the Referred Friend to be eligible:
      a. The Referrer must complete this form and send it to Urban Quarter at the address provided;
      b. The Referred Friend must not be a person whose details Urban Quarter already holds on its customer enquiry database at the time of Urban Quarter receiving the form;
      c. The Referred Friend must complete and settle their Contract for Sale in respect of the property being purchased in accordance with its terms;

      The Referred Friend must enter into a contract within 6 months from the date the referral form is completed. The gift card will be provided to the Referrer and the Referred Friend upon settlement of the Contract/s for Sale. The bearer of the gift card is entitled to goods to the value of the voucher and is subject to the standard terms and conditions for Mastercard. Urban Quarter will not be liable for any gift card which is lost or stolen. Entitlement to receive a gift card is not transferable. Urban Quarter reserves the right to review, change or discontinue this promotion at any time. Mastercard Gift Card terms, conditions and exclusions apply.